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Research & Technology Fusions

Technology fusion is a research technical evolution process.

STARS platform encourages novel ideas to flourish by utilizing our members' combined resources, and our access to various research institutes around the globe to facilitate empirical research to commercially viable solutions.

STARS platform applies the latest theoretical framework, technology, and apparatus worldwide to achieve fusion of technologies on the industrial scale.

Research & Technology Fusions Lab

  • Knowledge Exploration & Research

  • Innovative Technology Research

  • Novel & Core Inception

  • Entrepreneurial Team Formation

  • Blue Ocean Market

  • Government Funding & Venture Capital

  • Technological Fusions Application

  • Technology Prototyping

  • Manufacturing & Production Line

The concepts utilized by a novel conversion system are “transport, refining, time, and space".

The principle of atom utilization is to use the lowest energy consumption to build a viable industry for the future which can generate the best energy output in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bio-diesel apparatus


Oil to Oil

Novel Lighting Material

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